Elevating your brand isn’t what it used to be—and that’s a good thing. From the blogosphere and print and broadcast to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there are myriad ways to make your product or service stand out. Whether you’re a new brand looking to break into the industry or a well-established organization, maximizing opportunities to communicate your message is a first priority for you that comes second nature to us.


Content isn’t just print anymore. We understand how to write it, produce it, place it and push it out through multiple online and offline channels. The content we create is shrewdly designed to move a brand’s story forward and engage with audiences. First we define where we want to end up—and then we plot out how to get there. Content is king at King + Company.


Our paramount goal when creating strategies for our clients is understanding their bottom line, inside and out. This helps us crystallize what is valuable about their brands and what truly sets them apart from the competition. Then we thoughtfully explain how to capitalize on this with their customers. We are counselor, strategist and sounding board all rolled into one, delivering the best of traditional and digital PR with extraordinary creativity and insight.


Every client needs its message delivered across the social media universe. Happily, we get social media—it’s in our blood. For us, social media is the continuation of a shift to a new paradigm where consumers choose which content they consume and when they consume it. It’s a whole new world which requires quick reactions and even faster adjustments. This dynamic landscape changes every hour and our experienced experts are on top of those changes, always finding ways to optimally implement them to meet our clients’ needs.


Teaching Fortune 1000 CEOs, four-star Army generals, celebrities and other high-profile public figures how to articulate their messages across all media outlets is not just critical—it’s essential. KCo founder and owner Judith R. King, along with other highly trained KCo executives, provides coveted Top-Ten tips and expertise with unrivaled results.


We are particularly proficient at placing your top executives and premier people in face-to-face meetings with top editors from print publications and new media platforms. Our clients also regularly appear as keynote speakers and panelists at prestigious conferences, seminars and forums.