Technology is the driving force behind how people work, live and play. Whether you’re an innovator, market changer or outright industry leader in this fast-moving, boldly competitive global industry, KCo’s world-class Technology and New Media gurus get what you need to connect to your audience. Our trailblazing experts help you put context around evolving business models and get people buzzing about your cutting-edge products and services, from killer apps to on-the-fly software applications. Fullstack Academy of Code, Edulastic, and eCaring are among the pioneering tech brands that trust us to guide brand strategy, create engaging stories and execute flawlessly in real time—and then measure and adjust. In today’s world, it’s not enough to react to change—companies need to create change to stay ahead. By helping brands articulate their vision and communicate their true breadth and value, we make change work for them.