To announce an unprecedented new approach to treating breast cancer using personalized medicine and genetic biomarkers, the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH), in collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco, called on King + Company to plan and execute the press launch of a groundbreaking new clinical trial for breast cancer known as I-SPY 2.

King + Company positioned internationally recognized breast cancer surgeon and researcher Dr. Laura Esserman as the visionary thought leader behind a groundbreaking new model for clinical trial development supported by the FNIH, The Biomarker’s Consortium, UCSF and other prestigious medical centers, pharmaceutical companies, and collaborative partners. Launching the auspicious I-SPY 2 trial from the National Press Club in Washington, DC, and engaging members of Congress as well as the media, KCo communicated the benefit of this new approach to both the most important journalists covering the medical life sciences—and to the general public for whom the advances offer undeniable hope.

The national media campaign for the I-SPY 2 Clinical Trial for Breast Cancer generated millions of impressions, and featured widely distributed national advance stories in the Associated Press and Thomson Reuters Health.
Interviews with UCSF Principal Investigators, representatives from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Food and Drug Administration and breast cancer survivors were featured on network and regional TV, major scientific publications and top social media hosts in business, pharma, biotech and other important sectors. Segments on the Dr. Oz Show and a Wall Street Journal cover story heightened and sustained awareness of the new approach and it’s leaders long after the national launch.

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