The developers of AutisMate, an iPad app designed to help those with autism communicate, faced a familiar dilemma among many health-tech start-ups: Sitting on a life-altering product, facing heavy competition and desperately trying to break through with media. They had no such luck until they connected with King + Company.

Once brought on board, KCo quickly determined that press around National Autism Awareness Month wasn’t going to suffice. Our firm devised a plan that refused to spare any downtime throughout the six-month campaign, featuring a “Media Demo Day” in our New York offices, an aggressive launch campaign and constant outreach and connection with a variety of organizations and medical institutions with a stake in the autism field.

Autismate catapulted from obscurity to innovative leader in a matter of months after KCo implemented its strategic campaign. From large-scale media opportunities to building partnerships with industry leaders and medical institutions, KCo’s relentless efforts left the developers with little downtime – and a lot of air time. That included a three-minute segment on CNN solely featuring the app, its benefit to individual children and its partnership with a major autism institution in New York.

KCo also developed a wide-eyed publicity initiative to create the world’s largest puzzle time to World Autism Awareness Day 2014, subsequently building relationships between the developers and partners Autism Speaks and The Autism Society of America. In between those successes, KCo developed stories with dozens of major news outlets, including Yahoo! News, Mashable, The New York Daily News, All Things D, VentureBeat, Parents Magazine and many others.


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