After twenty-five years of funding and keeping the spotlight on HIV/AIDS research, amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research knew a cure was within reach. To reignite and engage the public passion behind the goal to finding a cure, KCo was tasked with developing a compelling brand identity and tagline that resonates with key stakeholders around the globe to mark the 25th of amfAR.

Mindful of amfAR’s incredible legacy and the diversity of stakeholders interested in its work – academia, the scientific community, the public, celebrities -both in the US and around the globe, KCo developed a 360O communications strategy that would mark its 25th anniversary as a pivotal turning point towards finding a cure.

KCo created the tagline “amfAR25: Making AIDS History” and developed materials proclaiming this goal to be featured prominently at all of its star-studded galas, across all social media channels, amfAR’s website, its micro website “”, and a video campaign that featured personal stories of families whose lives have been touched by AIDS and amfAR research.

The call to action – making aids history – was tweeted, retweeted, shouted, and applauded by celebrities at gala events, featured and covered in broadcast, print, and social media press, and was heard in New York, Rio, Kuala Lumper, and from Cape Town to Cannes. Media such as The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times, The Advocate and CNN, highlighted the organization’s key scientific achievements and progress toward finding a cure. amfAR’s CEO Kevin Robert Frost, was positioned as a man on a mission and as thought leaders within the scientific and non-profit community. Coverage included a profile of Mr. Frost in The New York Times as well as expert appearances on national television.

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