Our Team

KCo’s team of PR pros is an extraordinary and unmatched assemblage of top talent in the industry. From Experienced Partners and Veeps with decades of experience to Media Specialists and Account Supervisors who run their teams with precision and skill to just-out-of-college junior players and ideal interns, we have a roster that’s as deep, passionate, able, keenly intelligent and as all-around awesome as it gets.

Our premier peeps smartly and deftly manage media relations, employ digital expertise across every new platform, supervise daily (often hourly!) client contact, devise intricate brand-building strategies, make important introductions and cross-pollinations, execute flawless events and take care of our clients’ businesses, needs, goals and missions like, well, nobody’s business.

Why did Dreamworks Classics stay on for more than a decade? Why has New York Women in Film & Television been with us for seven years? Or UCSan Francisco for five+ years? VNSNY and Paul Labrecque and JCF of San Francisco, they’re all long-timers, too–just to mention a few. They stay with us in large part because our staff is chock-full of brilliant and dedicated colleagues who came with us years ago when we were MKC and who are still here with us at King + Company. They are devoted to our clients, who feel the love day in and year out.

Our clients know this: WE GET IT.