Michael J. Richards

Michael J. Richards


richards-skMichael J. Richards, Chief Operating Officer and Partner, is responsible for maintaining the daily operations at King + Company, as he did starting in 2007 at The Morris + King Company. Dubbed the “Man of Many Hats,” Mr. Richards also serves as a trusted advisor on strategic as well as operational issues. He has been critical in developing and implementing efficient and effective systems to increase KCo’s productivity. Whether balancing the finances, dealing closely with all KCo clients on financial matters, drafting all contracts or working with KCo employees to ensure every-day optimal success, he prides himself on being a “fixer.”

Mr. Richards is also the indispensable right-hand man to KCo’s Founder and Owner, Judith R. King. Together, when not laughing hysterically or performing musical duets really, really loudly, they work to maintain the financial integrity and vigor of the company.

In his downtime, Mr. Richards also holds the title of First Place Winner of the International Grand Prix of Composers for his song “Spark.” In 2013, his song “Wake Up,” was recorded and released in Europe by international star Jeronimo. The song is set for a US release in 2014.

Michael J. Richards grew up in Roslyn, New York, and currently resides in New York City.