Come On In

For years King + Company’s clients, large and small, have taken residence in our office to better understand how we work—and how we work for them.

Providing transparency to our process is the paramount goal of our Clients-in-Residence program, which was conceived by KCo founder and owner Judith R. King. In her design concept of the company’s full-floor offices, Ms. King very specifically carved out space for client partners to “pull up a desk and stay for a while.” To sit with us and grow with us. To forge a genuine relationship and partnership.

Guest clients have the full run of the place, including our desks, conference rooms and even our famed “Blue Ice-cubicles,” which contribute to the workspace’s soothing environment. One client was so enamored with our office that she stayed for years, joining us on Wednesdays and regularly participating in brainstorms and discussions. Comfort, interactive participation and a view into how we do what we do. That’s what it’s all about for our valued clients in residence at KCo.